Feedback from Former Students

Here are some of the things that former participants on the course have had to say:

“The chance to learn from well-respected figures in the sector and to develop a greater understanding of how to lead and manage in what will be undoubtedly challenging times in our sector was a huge draw”.

“By working alongside others in the sector, I will get the chance to expand my knowledge and understanding of homelessness and housing at a time when the organisation I work for is ambitiously driving forward the development of new services for single homeless people, in particular around housing”.

“All countries are in the midst of an economic crisis and homelessness is a very visible sign of the impact of that. How we respond will be dictated by how well we learn from each other just as much as the resources that are available. The programme at LSBU offers me great professional insight, challenge to accepted practice as well as some much needed modules on accountancy”.

“I think it is a fantastic opportunity to reflect on your work and the practise of the organisation – I have enjoyed meeting other colleagues from different sectors and charities and hearing their views and also getting their support – I like that lecturers all have different experiences and knowledge which is very interesting. – All the lecturers have been very supportive”

“Intellectual stimulation. Learning about areas outside of my comfort zone. The opportunity to have time out of regular work pressures to step back and think. Developing friendships and networks with peers from across the sector. All the wonderful reading The opportunity to undertake a research trip.”

“Achieving excellent results even at my advanced age! Becoming very confident at work due to my learning. Making some great friends both in the student cohort and at the LHF & the LSBU. An opportunity to continue my learning by taking on a Masters degree. It’s no exaggeration to say that the course has changed my life!”

“Feeling valued as a worker in the sector and that my role was acknowledged as important enough to build a course around! Consolidation of learning that I have acquired over a number of years, complemented by relevant theories that I can put into practice.”

“I’ve really enjoyed the process and thinking about my own style. There have been a few moments when thanks to the course I’ve realised how wrong my approach has been. I’m looking forward to the modules to come in the next year.”