Leadership and Management

Great Feedback From Some of Our Graduates


I knew the fundamentals of my job, but this was more reflective and strategic; it enables people to become leaders.
Pat Lee, Head of Lettings, L&Q


When you are a frontline worker your induction training and development is comprehensive, and your career progression to more senior frontline roles is clear. As a frontline service manager there are less training opportunities and the progression into more senior levels of management is less clear. This course was very relevant, it has given me greater skills and increased my confidence to consider more senior roles.
Ally Ferguson, Service Manager, SHP, Floating Support and mental health


I have lots of experience but no formal training, so I jumped at the chance of learning what I should be doing! I wish I’d done the course ten years ago. It was very useful, and I’m very proud to be part of it.
Bob Green, CEO Stonewall Housing


It is easy to just carry on doing what you’ve always done, with no new challenges. I have experience but no formal qualification. Cost is an issue with courses like this and the sponsorship from LHF was very helpful.
Lou Holland, Senior Manager, SHP


It is quite hard to find a leadership course that fits with the homeless and voluntary sector; most courses are generic, this was spot on. It definitely influenced how I lead and manage.
Chris Deacon, Operational Support Manager, ThamesReach