Supporting Catering at the Margins


A grant award of £22,000 from the LHF has been used at the Union Chapel in Islington to support the catering training programme.

The London Housing Foundation is funding the 3rd and 4th stages of the unique Margins Catering Project.  This offers homeless people experience and training in catering.  It is unique in two ways:  firstly the business is real, providing the catering for all the gigs at the famous Union Chapel in Islington over the year.  If the service doesn’t work, people don’t get fed and money is lost.  Second, all participants get paid a real wage.  This is not a voluntary job or a placement, it is a real job.  This means that when the programme ends trainees have genuine experience and have learnt not only how to work in a kitchen, but also how to successfully have a job.  As a result about 80% of the first two groups have now gone on to permanent work.

Five trainees have now been recruited for the next training course.

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