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London Housing Foundation supports and champions work to end homelessness


Who We Are

What we do

We amplify our impact by working with and through other organisations; starting conversations and building networks; and embracing risk. LHF supports new ideas and promotes what works.

staff and trustees

LHF is run by a board of voluntary trustees, who ensure that the aims and objectives of the foundation are met.


Our Key Services

Grant Giving

LHF funds innovative projects tackling homelessness in the UK and provide grants for and learning from international initiatives. LHF can also provide management consultancy and core funding for homelessness organisations.

Developing Leaders

LHF provide development opportunities for sector managers and leaders with the unique post grad certificate at London’s South Bank University and a targeted professional development programme.

London Homelessness Awards

LHF run the prestigious £60,000 London Homelessness Awards in partnership with Shelter, Crisis, the Mayor of London and the London Housing Directors, to celebrate and promote innovative approaches.

Research & Information

LHF commission research into homelessness and services for people who are homeless and runs the Atlas of London’s Homelessness Services; an interactive website allowing you to view data at a pan London, borough or multi borough level.