A new Atlas of London’s Homelessness Services


Mapping Homelessness in London The London Housing Foundation is launching an Atlas of London’s Homelessness Services. The new Atlas will be an interactive website enabling users to view data at a pan-London, borough or multi-borough level and build views on data according to their need. Homeless Link has been commissioned to deliver the project. The initial launch of the new Atlas will be at the LHF awards in October, with online publication planned for early December 2018.

What is the Atlas for?

The Atlas is aimed at a professional audience in the homelessness sector; those working in commissioning, policy, research, strategy and business development. It is intended to provide an overview of services. The Atlas is useful in:
Providing an up-to-date overview of provision in individual boroughs, sub regionally or pan-London
Demonstrating the local response to single homelessness (e.g. to assist in response to rough sleeping figures locally) and the investment in this area
Informing initial analysis about needs and gaps in provision
Generating ideas for new partnerships
Comparing provision e.g. with near neighbours or with boroughs with equivalent rough sleeping levels.
We will be looking at if and how the new Atlas could be extended to front line staff and other potential audiences such as members of the public and local politicians.

What information will be included in the new Atlas?

There was an earlier version of the atlas which was a well-used and popular resource. The LHF have decided to radically develop and improve it and relaunch it as an online interactive version. The new Atlas will include maps showing a range of information by borough, for example:
Rough sleeping figures
Street outreach provision
Assessment Centres
Housing First services
It is anticipated that the initial Atlas will be developed over time with new maps. Health services with specialisms in working with homeless people, drug and alcohol services and Private Rented Sector (PRS) access schemes could potentially be mapped in future releases.

More information

If you have queries or comments about the Atlas you can contact Becky Rice, LHF project manager for the Atlas on 07811607679 becky@accendo-consult.co.uk. Look out for updates on the Atlas on twitter @londonhf


“At a special event in London last week, the Atlas was demonstrated to a group of senior leaders from housing providers. They were able to see draft screens and mock ups of the information that will be available. Feedback was very positive and the final work will now be done to launch the Atlas in the next few months.”