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The Life of a Peer Landlord

Thames Reach’s Peer Landlord scheme has been shortlisted for the Andy Ludlow Awards 2014.  The ‘peer landlord’ is a co-tenant with a shared background who has gained a level of independence and experience and who is able to act as a positive role model.  The idea, according to Director of Operations Bill Tidnam is “to provide supportive housing, not just supported housing.”

Seyi Cole is one of the Peer Landlords who help run the scheme.  We asked him to tell us about his experience.

“I experienced some difficulties with my family, moved into a Thames Reach shared house and started getting my life back together.   Then after two years there was a vacancy for the peer landlord role and I was asked to consider it.  I wasn’t sure to be honest but after speaking to some friends I decided to give it a go: I remembered how difficult it was for me when I first moved in and wanted to help others.

It is tricky – sorting the bills and making sure everything is paid on time can be confusing.  I am only 22 and never thought of myself as the lead person in the house!  But I have managed ok and get great support from the team at Thames Reach.

Peer landlords make a difference.  I enjoy the role and it makes me feel good to be able to help others and look after a household – after all this is what life is about!

I hope to get back to university and with support from Thames Reach move onto a private sector flat.  This role has given me extra confidence and new skills.   I am glad I took it on”.

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