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PRESS RELEASE: London Housing Foundation Support Peoples Recovery Project

London Housing Foundation have announced a £30,000 grant to support the work of The People’s Recovery Project.

The People’s Recovery Project (TPRP) is a new charity that seeks to build sustained recovery for people experiencing homelessness and addiction. They are looking to build an alternative pathway,
remove the barriers and make it much easier for people to access the support they need.

Co-founders Ed Addison and Nathan Rosier have highlighted:

“Last year over 1300 people died while experiencing homelessness and over one third of these deaths were related to drugs and alcohol. Over two thirds of people who are experiencing homelessness have a drug or alcohol support need and in recent years we have seen increases every year in the number of people dying through drug related causes. And as Dame Carol Black’s review found in 2021, there is simply not enough provision for people seeking help.”

LHF’s grant will be used to help the project prove that their new model of care can work, helping people on the streets and working with those providing addiction services, while embedding lived experience in the design and delivery of the organisation.

TPRP community member Danny was in and out of homelessness services in Westminster for over 20 years and his experience has been crucial in the development of TPRP. He said:

“One day I was standing in a phone box in Soho and decided that I’d had enough of the life I was living and that I wanted to go to residential treatment. This experience and opportunity was life changing and allowed me to heal, grow and reconnect with my family. And now I want to help others feel that recovery is possible”.

Khosru is also a community member.

“When I was in the thick of using my friends, family and support workers did not know if I would see the next day. I had a number of stays in residential treatment, and I learned something from each experience. I have realised that my knowledge is not something for me to keep to myself and now I want to support others to access treatment. I feel at home in The People’s Recovery Project community”.

Ian Brady, Executive Chair of London Housing Foundation said:

“This is a very interesting idea that could help to free up and quicken access to essential drug and other addiction services. We want to work with the team at TPRP to show that their approach can make a real difference.”

For more information about The Peoples Recovery Project go to The People’s Recovery Project ( For pictures or an interview contact

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