DePaul International

De Paul International is a global family of charities working with homeless and marginalised people in the UK, Ireland, France, Slovakia, Ukraine, Croatia and the USA. Inspired by the values of Saint Vincent de Paul, a major social reformer in 17th Century France, their approach is tailored to the people, communities and issues in each of these countries.
Globally, Depaul’s work ranges from providing safe shelter, accommodation, food and health services to helping people affected by homelessness receive the education, employment and social services they need. The LHF has had a close relationship with De Paul International for a number of years now. We strongly believe that agencies in London can learn from how other societies deal with the problem of homelessness in their culture. We have supported De Paul’s humanitarian work and through that enabled agencies in the UK to better understand the links between homelessness in the UK and elsewhere. You can read more about De Paul on our blogs pages here. The LHF now financially supports graduates of the Leadership and management course to visit other European countries and link up with local agencies there. By working alongside their teams, good practice can be shared and lessons learned transferred to everyone’s benefit.