LHF makes funding available for study trips for students who have undertaken the Leadership and Management course.  The purpose of the study trips is to enhance understanding of homelessness and allied services in the UK by seeing what is happening in other countries.  For example, what examples of good practice can be found in other countries?  Are there lessons we can learn and then apply in our situation? We know that we can learn a lot from how other societies and cultures tackle homelessness and try to provide solutions.  By sharing our ideas and seeing what others do, everyone can benefit. We want to focus on Europe, especially as European migration has one of the biggest impacts on homelessness in the UK. However, if there are proposals for study trips outside of Europe that have a compelling case, we will consider them. In recent years students have been funded by LHF to go to Finland, New York and France.

For more information contact Cassandra.karanjia@lhf.org.uk